Anyone out there?

I just noticed that I missed writing a blog in September. Sorry about that if you were expecting one, September just slipped by. For a start it was my birthday. Oh no not another birthday!! Yes a little bit older but that’s no reason to moan. Each passing year is a bonus, a gift, the gift of life. I love life and what it has to offer. All the good and the not-so-good, is all part of the great adventure called living. Now I’m looking with anticipation to my next birthday, bring life on! How’s your life going, love to hear from you, is anyone out there?

Energy and Pleasure continuing

As promised we’ll now list the possibilities of Pleasure:
A sunset or sunrise, moonrise and or a beautiful view.
A chat with precious close friends
A relaxed meal of garden fresh food
A sensual massage (either a do-it-yourself or receive from another)
Listening to favourite music
Dancing (wherever, in the kitchen, on the beach or …)
Yoga or Tai Chi
Snoozing under a tree in your favourite chair
Play with children
The smell of flowers
A run (or walk) on the beach, by the lake or in the Park)
Building a fairy garden (or a herb garden or simply a garden)
Playing with your dog or cat
Writing a story, poem or play
Swimming leisurely
Collecting shells
Arranging flowers
Talking with your local friendly water dragons (lizards)
Dream delicious dreams whether awake or asleep
And ….
How many more can you add? Let us know.
More importantly, how many have you enjoyed in the past 24 hours?
Adding pleasure to your daily schedule guarantees that you will:

Energy and Pleasure

I realised, to my amazement, that the screams belonged to me, as we suddenly hurtled towards a plunge into Sydney Harbour.
A circuit on ‘The Mouse’ at Luna Park will do that to you I discovered, yet as we alighted from the tiny car I found that every cell in my body seemed wonderfully awake, alert and bubbling with delight. It was as if every nerve had woken up and was singing at the top of its voice.
This is just one kind of pleasure and obviously different things are pleasure to different people.
Would you like to have more energy?
Be more creative?
Feel more youthful?
Be more fulfilled?
You are invited to consider how much Pleasure you enjoy in your life. When was the last time?
Our consumer society is an entertainment world that has convinced us that the more we spend the happier we’ll be. As a result Pleasure has largely been put on the back burner.
Entertainment is about money. Pleasure is free!
Pleasure allows that wonderful hormone Oxytocin to be released allowing our feeling of well-being to go up, and with it our energy abounds.
Sounds good? Would you like to enhance your well-being?

Watch for next week’s blog and I’ll give some Pleasure possibilities.
Catch you then, Joan (Morgan)

Local Authors Expo

Wednesday 22nd July, we were part of the Gosford City Council’s Local Authors Expo held at Erina Fair complex, Erina, that’s Central Coast for those who don’t know. It was a great day, with many local authors attending, each with a table showing their wares and we each had a 10min chance to show and tell. As usual Joan and Maureen entertained the assembled crowd with a reading and dispelling the myths of maturity. Have a look at the 2 photos on the photo gallery. Doris didn’t come, we told her to stay at home that day, but she has an invitation to visit the Erina Library soon. Will keep you informed, so you can also come along, if you’re within driving distance, and meet her. She’s quite a character. Curious?

Our Mortality

In the past six months I’ve been to four family funerals. These days I go to more funerals than weddings. All the services, or celebrations of life as they are called these days, were tastefully done. With tearful voices the children and grandchildren spoke of their beloved parent/grandparent praising their attributes and smiling at their shortcomings. The religious among the mourners spoke of eternal life and “when we meet again” and others hugged and comforted the bereaved. The older ones whispered thoughts about their own funeral.
At the latter end of our life we are more aware of our own demise and that it could be just around the corner. Some of us ignore this fact and some of us are philosophical. Some place conditions on dying, such is “if I have terminal cancer, I’ll be ready to die then” or “If I’m on life support, turn it off” or “if I have a stroke and cannot move or speak, yes I’ll be ready then.” But there are no guarantees for the future. Unfortunately we can’t order our death like we order a pizza.
What we can do is to be at peace with the fact of our inevitable death. As far as practical work on emptying our ‘bucket list’ and enjoy each day as it comes. Live our life to the fullest and fill it with the simple things that give us pleasure. Take the time to do whatever needs to be done so there are no regrets. Like saying, “I love you” or maybe it needs to be “I’m sorry”. Then we can get on with filling our body mind and spirit with the fresh air of living. Life is cyclical, just like the seasons, and when the winter of our life is upon us, let’s look forward to the spring of another life, a new baby, somewhere in the world.
Love to hear your thoughts on your mortality. You can comment here or on our email:
Cheers, Maureen

More fun at the Library

Another great day on Tuesday 16th June with the women of Singleton at their spacious library. Even though the weather was gloomy the women weren’t and we all enjoyed ourselves talking about how older women are wonderful and have so much to offer society. We debunked a few myths as well. A pic of two of the lovely ladies who attended with Joan and Maureen, see the photo gallery. Love to visit YOUR library, give us a call.

Hullo to all the wonderful women we recently met

Joan and Maureen have been scooting around the countryside speaking at Libraries about our 3 great books. We have had a fabulous time meeting lots of lovely women. Last week we were at Cessnock and Kurri Libraries and were treated to a Sixty Strong & Sexy cake for both morning and afternoon tea, compliments of Karen Bruce from the Library, thanks Karen!! Have a look at our Picture Gallery for some pics. Love to meet more wonderful women in more libraries, how about an invitation to YOUR library? Give us a call or email, love to hear from you.

Glimpses is ready!

Yes our second book GLIMPSES: Into the Lives of Positively Ageing Women is finally available for everyone to read, buy and enjoy. After the first 50 copies were printed and given to the women in the book (plus a few others), we found a few little errors, so back to the drawing board and all is now correct and there are lots of lovely shiny purple books for sale. Just $20 and you can enjoy reading about the lives of 20 fantastic women and how they indulge in their passions, like trekking across desserts, art, building a catamaran, riding motor bikes, competing in Masters and winning gold medals at 100, oh yes these women are great. Get your copy now.

New book almost ready

Yes we know, it’s been a long time between posts and books! However we have finished the first draft of our new book and are putting the final touches to it. Touches such as editing, wonderful artwork and pics. The title is “Glimpes”. Glimpes into what you ask? Well keep in touch and find out.