We are so lucky!

I’ve just returned from a holiday in French Polynesia, yes I know lucky me, and was enchanted with the place. Bora Bora especially as the water was an artists palate of blues, greys and turquoise. The women were stunning! Coffee coloured skin, long brown shinny black hair, full figures and the way they moved their hips was very sensual. No wonder sailors of yesterday went bonkers! The men were rather pleasant to look at as well, especially when we checked into the hotel in Papeete, they wore only a lap lap and their tattoos, and of course their friendly smiles. . Seriously though, beauty is everywhere, and when I returned home the beauty of my own country and the friendliness of our fellow Australians once again enchanted me. We are so lucky to live here in Australia, the countryside is fab. the people friendly and we still believe in a fair go for all. Well let’s hope so! What do you think? Cheers Maureen