Getting old is not for sissies.

As the weather is changing so are we. We are getting older, wiser and more positive. Or are we? Getting old is not for sissies as was quoted in the fab film The Quartet. As the cold is finally starting to arrive, our joints are feeling it. Knees, shoulders, fingers all getting a bit stiff? Remember the old adage, use it or lose it? Well its true. But before we complain too much girls, remember period pain, every month? Remember the pain of childbirth, every few years? Then of course there was the menopause. Remember? Well I don’t think a bit of arthritis in the winter comes close to those other inconveniences, do you?  Each time of our life brings its own joys and pain. Let’s rejoice about how good we feel on the good days and count ourselves blessed that are so lucky to be alive and living in our beautiful country.