Terrific time at Tuggerah

Another fun time at Tuggerah Library on Thursday. The ladies were happy to interact and tell us what they think and we shared lots of ideas about being older and living life to the max. We’d love to return next year and present a whole day on wellness, called at this stage, The Wellness Celebration. Keep an eye out for it and follow us on the blog for more info.
Lucky Maureen is off on hols next week so maybe no blog until November. Enjoy your days in the sunshine this spring.

The lovely ladies at Cessnock

We visited the Cessnock women’s shed this week, what a great bunch they are. We had a great time and the morning tea was super, it was mainly fruit, what a lovely change.
Yes we spoke about our books and sold a few as well. Good job someone is buying them, or we’d starve!

Anyone out there?

I just noticed that I missed writing a blog in September. Sorry about that if you were expecting one, September just slipped by. For a start it was my birthday. Oh no not another birthday!! Yes a little bit older but that’s no reason to moan. Each passing year is a bonus, a gift, the gift of life. I love life and what it has to offer. All the good and the not-so-good, is all part of the great adventure called living. Now I’m looking with anticipation to my next birthday, bring life on! How’s your life going, love to hear from you, is anyone out there?