Energy and Pleasure continuing

As promised we’ll now list the possibilities of Pleasure:
A sunset or sunrise, moonrise and or a beautiful view.
A chat with precious close friends
A relaxed meal of garden fresh food
A sensual massage (either a do-it-yourself or receive from another)
Listening to favourite music
Dancing (wherever, in the kitchen, on the beach or …)
Yoga or Tai Chi
Snoozing under a tree in your favourite chair
Play with children
The smell of flowers
A run (or walk) on the beach, by the lake or in the Park)
Building a fairy garden (or a herb garden or simply a garden)
Playing with your dog or cat
Writing a story, poem or play
Swimming leisurely
Collecting shells
Arranging flowers
Talking with your local friendly water dragons (lizards)
Dream delicious dreams whether awake or asleep
And ….
How many more can you add? Let us know.
More importantly, how many have you enjoyed in the past 24 hours?
Adding pleasure to your daily schedule guarantees that you will: